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Saturday, August 9

10:00am - 8:00pm

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Joe's Corner

Batman Anniversary Sale

Free copies of Detective Comics # 27 (featuring Batman's first appearance) will be available the entire day. This reprint issue from 1939 marks the beginning of this unique, iconic crime fighter who has been with us for seventy five years.

To mark this milestone, The Comic Store is discounting all Batman merchandise, including comics, graphic novels, action figures, teeshirts, and stautes at a whopping 25% off.

Magic Tournament Draft

Magic The Gathering continues to gain popularity at the store, especially since we earned Core Store Status. We are holding our own pre-releases when new sets appear as well as our Wednesday night draft tournaments. Call the store or stop in for actual play dates.









Latest News

We'd like to introduce our new Online Comic Book Search Engine. You can now search our inventory of Unique Collectable comics online.
Please click the link to start searching. Check it out


The Comic Store

Welcome to The Comic Store where “We don’t just sell comics”. In addition to our comprehensive selection of new and classic comic books, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with an array of comic related memorabilia. We have a large selection of graphic novels, role-playing games, trading cards, collectible card games, and miniatures. We look forward to seeing you in our store and hope that you can come to visit us soon!

The Comic Store first opened in 1977 (the same year Star Wars was released). From the beginning we have been proud to bring all the new comic books to the readers in Lancaster County and the surrounding regions. Over the years the store has grown from a small 2 day-a-week operation to the large 7 days-a-week business that is now one of the oldest comic specialty stores in America. This website is the next step in the evolution of The Comic Store and we welcome your feedback and comments.

Commissioner Gordon at the Comic Store???


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